This is the company I started off the back of Palaver together with a friend (@kylefuller). As Palaver gained this much traction I developed a branding for future projects. I went for a luxureous coffee brown branding that also holds relation to the Cocoa framework we often use. And I often use contextual hand drawn doodles around text as a graphical element.


Our code branding element is our website. Here we display what our goal is (why), how we achieve it (how), and what we have made (what). From the logo subtitle you can switch subsites like our blog or the palaver website. In the slogan on the top you can see the contextual doodles in action. We also created an 8-bit version of ourselves for the team section.


To communicate what we are up to we also created a blog where we give occasional updates about our whereabouts. The timeline on the side is a stong design element connecting all posts.

If you are looking for more information about Cocode or just want to take a look yourself, you can take a look on the website.

Visit website