This is an IRC client that I developed back in the day with a friend from the UK (@kylefuller). We quickly became one of the most popular clients on the App Store and it is still one of the top results when searching for IRC client.


Palaver's main product is the iOS app.

  • UI/UX: most IRC clients are not well designed. Palaver was the first to introduce a pleasant UI for IRC on mobile. I have been responsible for all interfaces included in the app.
  • Coding: lately I have gotten more involved in the coding as well. I still mainly focus on UI features and related bugs.


When the app got popular we made sure our users could find us easily. This website was built mainly to inform what the app was, and help out users with an FAQ. The slogan "I am Palaver, pleased to meet you" was born.

If you are looking for more information about Palaver or just want to give it a try yourself, you can take a look on the website.

Visit website