This is the holding company for the Palaver IRC client I built together with a friend (@kylefuller). As Palaver gained this much traction, I designed a corporate branding for future projects. The name and ‘coffee brown’ aestethic in the design are hints to the Cocoa framework we use in our apps. The design is characterised by contextual hand-drawn doodles around keywords in the text.


Our core branding element is our website. Here we display what our goal is (why), how we achieve it (how), and what we have made (what). From the logo subtitle, you can switch subsites like our blog. The slogan at the top shows some of the contextual doodles. I also created 8-bit depictions of ourselves for the team section.


To communicate what we are up to we also created a blog where we give occasional updates about our projects. The timeline on the side is a design element that connects all posts.

If you are looking for more information about Cocode or just want to take a look yourself, you can take a look at the website.